All About Wool

A day out at Fibre East – Redbourne School

A couple of weekends ago as we didn’t have a Lace or Craft day to go to we took a Saturday out, and went to Fibre East at Redbourne School in Ampthill, Beds. We weren’t quite sure what to expect but as we had been told about it by the Wool shop in Ely we should have realised that it would be mainly about wool!

Yes it was wool in all its manifold forms

From the shearing of sheep to:
Hand machines for the carding of wool
The spinning of the wool either by hand drop
And small hand weaving looms

All the amateur spinner, weaver and knitter could want, and stall after stall of wool in every thickness. Also ideas as what you could make with your wool, knitted toys & clothes and felted mats and animals

The first people we met were Spinspired, (who come to our Peterborough LQ&N and Fenland Lace and Craft Fairs), and I bought from them some gorgeous orange Lace weight wool to make a scarf.

Part of Spinspired’s display
And one had a Bedfordshire Lace mat in
the middle. It looks very effective,
what an ideal way to display our lace.

Talking to some other stall holders there, they were saying that Lace weight wool was for fine knitting, “Oh no” they said “It would be far too thick to make Bobbin Lace”. How little do they know us Lacemakers! I promised to let them see some examples of Lace made with wool. Such as the scarves I have made from Jacqui Barber’s books ‘Thread to Creation’, unfortunately now out of print.

There were a couple of other stands that interested me one was making Dorset Button, any size from the usual button size up to 2ft, probably made in a hula hoop! But it was these larges ones that had me fascinated, I could just see them with Lace inserts, perhaps not 2 foot in size but certainly 6” to 10” sun catcher size. My mind is racing with ideas.

Have any of you tried felting? This was the other stall that interested me, Circular felted mats had been made as table centres and adorned with crochet mats

The other stand that interested us was ‘Medicine sans Frontiers’ where they had a lot of knitting and Crochet patterns that they had produced (the originals had been donated to them) that you bought for a donation. It seemed a lovely idea. We need to see that they have some simple lace patterns to sell.

So we came back from our day out with ideas teaming through our minds for lace. How we can borrow techniques and threads from other crafts. so bring a wider scope to our own craft of Lacemaking.

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