Christmas Festivals

Christmas Festivals

Just before Christmas the Lace group that I belong to – the Fenland lace makers was involved in 3 Christmas Festivals.

This started a few years ago when they took part in a Christmas Tree Festival at St Peters in March, and have continued to do so ever since. Last year we decorated a tree with Christmas trees, and called it ’you can’t see the wood for the trees’ this year we decorated the tree with Gift Tags, and the title was ‘with gift tags like these who needs presents?’

Last year we have become involved in a second festival at Hartford Parish Church. It was a Festival of Angels where we made a 2ft. high collage of an angel from pieces of lace, and we also had many small angels that we made a second display. This year it was a Nativity Festival in which we managed to make 2 nativity scenes but they were combined into one display and the small angels from the previous year were also included.

This December we added our 3rd festival. Again an Angel festival at the Methodist/URC in March, where we made a display of angels from 2 squares of lace folded into triangles. We also included some crocheted angels and some made from net curtaining and we challenged people to tell us how many were made from bobbin Lace! I am not sure how many people got it right. Perhaps you can guess the number from looking at the picture?

It is good to let people see bobbin lace, though many do not recognise it.