Day out at Denny Abbey

During the month of May there is a Festival of Textile Art at Denny Abbey, in Cambridgeshire. On display is embroidery, lace, felting, screen printing, and quilting worked by members of the Eastern Region Textile Forum (Fig 1)This is spread throughout the Farm Museum and the Abbey and to find all exhibits is like going on a treasure hunt.

We found Pat Brunsdon’s Lace (Fig 2) inspired by plough wheels outside with the ploughs.

In the Stone Barn a screen printed cloth and design sheets taken from all the different shapes of wheels on the farm equipment (Fig 3) This made us look again at all the spoke designs and I had never realised that there could be so many variation.

Tamara Goulding’s lace was also outside hanging from a tree. This again followed a circular theme. It depicted the life of a farm, from its bright new beginning, but as time passes the farm changes and decays. (Fig 4) We didn’t managed to see Suzanne Jarvis’s lace as it was in the Tea room and we visited on the one day when it was closed.

We all liked the felted wall hanging of Lichen (Fig 5) especially with so much old stone around us, and also the very large mobile of sheep, and I do mean large, almost life size.

Our last picture is of an item inspired by the Countess of Pembroke Breviary (Fig 6), with so many items to look at and find it is very difficult to show you all that is there. I hope this gives you a taster. Do go and see it for yourselves, enjoy a day out in the Cambridgeshire countryside and let us know which were your favourite Exhibits.


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