Lace news

Flanders Lace with Annick Staes

Foundation, Improvers course’s 2013

A series of course’s are to be held between June 11th and June 18th 2013, at…
The Premier Inn,
Norman Cross,
PE7 3TB.

Makit Lace is on the move

During the next couple of weeks Makit Lace will be moving into larger premises – but do not worry about contacting us as our web site and e-mail address will remain the same.
Post and Phone call will be redirected or diverted.

But please do have patience with us for the next few weeks if we are not quite as quick as normal in responding to you. We will try our best and will get back to you as soon as we can.

Due to post Office price increases we have had to raise our minimum postage to £3.10, as threads have to go as small packets.


I have worked that you can get between 50 to 1500 reels of thread for the same postage, depending on the weight.

So before you order a reel of thread check to see if you know of any one else who wants to make on order and make a joint purchase.

Now accepting payments by PayPal

If you wish to order online it is now possible. If you send us your order by e-mail we will then send you an invoice by PayPal. Once we receive your payment we will then dispatch the goods.

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