Thread Colour Guide

Do you wonder what COLOUR THREADS are available for you to use for Lacemaking, Quilting or Needlecraft? –

Look no further than our downloadable catalogue which contains colour charts for over 2000 quality threads from well-known manufacturers – DMC, Madeira, Finca, Gutermann, Bockens, Venne, Texere Yarns and many more covering all types of threads – cotton, linen, silk, rayon, metallic and the exotic. Just go to the catalogue request to download your personal catalogue direct to your computer.

Or if you prefer you can purchase our handy Thread Colour Guide


that provides a hard copy of all the colours that appear in the catalogue and which will fit in your work box or bag as a handy reference.

Only £2.50 plus £0.70 postage
 Order code 3MC02

Or buy one from us when you meet us at a Lace or Quilting Days and Fairs we attend.

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