A Lacy Fairy Tale


Hänsel und Gretel; Alexander Zick (1845 – 1907)


Are you sitting comfortably? Good, then let us begin because
The Lace Society have a story to share…

No doubt you remember the tale of Hansel and Gretel. Well, our story begins a few years later.

By now Hansel and Gretel are in their teenage years, their wicked stepmother long since dead and forgotten. They have lived a relatively secure life using the money generated by selling the wicked witch’s jewels. However, funds are dwindling fast, their ageing father is in need of specialist medical treatment, and their home needs extensive repairs.

One evening, discussing their predicament, Gretel points out to her brother that they are in a much better position now than when the wicked witch was threatening to bake them in the oven and eat them. Their conversation then moves on to the glowing colours of the sapphires, rubies and emeralds with which they filled their pockets before returning home. Gretel reminds Hansel of another large box left behind, filled with the more subtle colours of pearls and diamonds.

If only they could find the witch’s cottage again, their father just might be saved.

The next morning, Hansel and Gretel venture into the woods, which are filled with lacy outlines, pine trees and pretty snowflakes. Hansel kicks the pine cones laying on the ground. Their talk again returns to the Candy Cane Cottage. Hansel thinks he may be able to find it so they walk on into the depths of the trees. Gretel, by now worrying a little about how far they are going into the woods, wonders how they will find their way home again. Hansel patiently tells Gretel – seemingly forgetting that it was Gretel who actually saved them last time – that he will look after her.

Then they happen upon it, the little cottage in the woods, just as they both remembered, covered with all things delicious to eat. They break off pieces of the delicious goodies, letting the sugary delights melt on their tongue just as the door quietly opens and a strange old woman looks out….



This is the inspiration for The Lace Society’s Winter Wonderland-themed exhibition at the 2016 Makit LQ&N Christmas Fair.

winterwonderland-1winterwonderland-4 winterwonderland-3winterwonderland-2

The exhibition will feature an array of antique and vintage lace on a simple green background to create a snowy, wintry atmosphere. In addition, The Lace Society will be showcasing some more up-to-date lace using patterns recently redrafted to have a modern twist by Sue Wiltshire. These will be added to the scene and crafted in white, silver and greens to add dimension to the Winter Wonderland landscape.

If you feel inspired to make some of the items seen in the exhibition, The Lace Society will be selling accompanying pattern books at the Makit LQ&N Christmas Fair. Watch out for future pattern books in this new series over the next two years.

To find out the ending to Hansel and Gretel’s latest adventure, look for the Winter Wonderland display at the Makit Christmas Fair at Cranmore Park on Saturday 3rd December 2016.



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