Blue Film is Back!!

X-Film - Blue film for pricking, Bobbin Lacemaking

Bljue X-Film in stock at Makit

If blue film for pricking is one of your lacemaking essentials, then you’re likely to look for a durable, high quality brand that lets you use your patterns more than once, protects your holes from ripping, stops photocopier toner from bleeding through to your lace, and offers a matt finish that shows up your pattern and threads and is easy on your eyes.

In our opinion, very few self-adhesive films match up to the quality of blue X-film. Unfortunately, some time ago, X-Film – the makers of this essential lacemaking product – went into liquidation. Once distributors’ stocks had been used, this quality film disappeared from the market, much to the dismay of many lace makers.

As we always want to be able to provide you with the best selection of lacemaking equipment, we set about tracing the buyers of the assets of the X-Film business to explore whether blue X-Film could be produced in the future. After many months of negotiations, we’re delighted to announce that blue X-Film is now available through Makit who are the sole UK importers.

You can purchase blue X–Film from Makit at our Lace Days and Fairs, as well as in the three larger sizes from our online shop at; it is also available from other UK leading lacemaking suppliers. Look for the X-Film label on every piece as your guarantee of quality.

The good news is that, as Makit are importing the product direct from the manufacturer, we are able to offer blue X-Film at considerably lower prices than in the past:

• Size 40 x 40 cm costs just £2.20 (We regret that due to high packaging costs, this size is only available at Lace Days and Fairs)
• Buy 1 metre x 40 cm is available for £4.50
• Buy 2 metres x 40 cm for just £8.75
• Buy 5 metres x 40 cm for £21.00

If you need a larger quantity, we are happy to quote for longer lengths or jumbo rolls of 25-metre length – please contact us for a price.

We also stock grey matt film and matt transparent film for pricking.

In addition to our self-adhesive pricking films, we stock a selection of pricking card, pricking boards and prickers, including ones suitable for use if you have restricted finger movement.

We welcome enquiries from resellers who wish to include Blue X-Film in their range.

All of our pricking and lacemaking supplies are available from our online shop at If you prefer using more traditional methods to buy your supplies, please contact us at Makit on 01354 65 44 44 or email



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