Alex Stillwell’s long awaited book on Floral Bucks Point Lace ‘All about making – Floral Bucks Point’. Her second book about Bucks Point Lace. This book included 33 projects and patterns, from Narrow Lace, small Motifs to Round or Oval items. Each Pattern has technical details and helpful hints and the patterns progress from the easy to the complicated. Many question regarding Point Ground Lacemaking and its design are answered. A must have book if you wish to extend you knowledge of this beautiful Lace.


‘All about making – Floral Bucks Point Lace’
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We also have available a limited stock of three of Alex’s booklets.
A Shoal of Fishes’ A fun book for those who are starting Lace to have a go at the basic stitches, a alternative to making Snakes from Christine Springett’s Starter book ‘Snakes Galore’ – see our downloadable catalogue for details of all our starter books.


For those wanting to have a go at Honiton Lace, Alex has designed this Honiton Flower,


And don’t be put off by the size of the pattern or the fine thread traditionally used for Honiton, one can always enlarge up the pattern and use a thicker thread, a great help when learning this attractive lace.

And last but not least for those of us who like to wear their lace Alex has designed this Flower. A fun piece of lace either to wear or to display.


All of these Booklets cost £5.00 each plus 0.75p postage and packing.

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