Summer Lace School – Knuston Hall


Bucks point Lace



Russian Lace



Black work needlework



Ever dreamed of making lace for a weekend, a week or even 10 whole days?

In lovely surroundings, great accommodation and superb food and with internationally renowned Tutors! If so, then the Summer Lace School at Knuston Hall is for you. Just now and for the next 10 days, Knuston Hall is filling its rooms with lace makers being taught many kinds of lace.

This year there will be courses in two East Midland Laces – Bedfordshire Lace taught by Denise Vickery and Bucks Point taught by Jackie Poulter.

Two European Laces – Russian Lace taught by Ingrid le Count and Milanese Lace taught by Jennifer MacPherson.

And for a change from Lace, Ruskin Drawn Thread work is being taught by Karen Quickfall and Black work embroidery taught by Pat Trott

And on the first Monday we will be there selling our supplies of threads, bobbins and pillows, and all the items that lace makers dream of, as we are at the majority of Knuston Hall’s Lace Courses

Now is the time to start booking for next year’s Summer School, details of all Knuston Hall’s Lace and Crafts Courses go to

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