Summer Lace School

Knuston Hall


Have you ever dreamed of making lace for a weekend, a week or even ten whole days! In lovely surrounding, great accommodation, superb food and with internationally renowned Tutors for company!


If so, then the Summer Lace School at Knuston Hall is for you.


Every year at the end of July to the beginning of August, Knuston Hall fills its rooms with lace makers being
taught many kinds of lace.


This year 2014 the Summer School courses includes:

East Midland Laces

Bedfordshire Lace taught by Denise Vickery.This lace incorporates free moving trails as can be seen in the illustration of part of a late 1800’s Lappet. Bedfordshire Lace could also incorporate Birds, Flowers, Animals and Leaves in its designs. Bedfordshire Lace was popular in the 1850’s.
Bucks Point Lace is with Jackie Poulter. This is a Point Ground Lace which has been made for three to four centuries and is one of the UK’s oldest Laces. It is a delicate lace and is made using a fine thread, and was frequently used for making collars and Flounces

Bedfordshire Lace
Bedfordshire Lace

Russian Lace
Russian Lace

Two European Laces

Russian Lace taught by Ingrid le Count, this is a heavy linen lace, with brightly coloured gimps in its trails only using 6 to 8 pairs of bobbins – trails are joined together with plaits and leaves.
Jennifer Macpherson. Will guide you through Milanese Lace. This is a fine thread lace using 14 to 16 pairs of bobbins to make up braids into a fascinating number of patterns. In Milanese lace the braids are joined directly together by sewing’s

Needle Laces

– including Ruskin Drawn Thread Work is taught by Karen Quickfall. An interesting drawn thread work, started by the poet and philanthropist John Ruskin to give employment to the poor in the Lake District. It has its own distinctive style and patterns, combining drawn thread work and needle lace techniques.
The Armenian Lace expert is Pat Trott. This is a unique Needle lace that is knotted at every stitch rather than being looped.

Ruskin Lace
Ruskin Lace

Limerick Lace
Limerick Lace

Net Laces

– with Joan Merrifield. Limerick, Tambour and Carrickmacross all of which are made on a machine net ground.
Tambour lace worked in Chain Stitch with a Tambour Hook. Limerick and Carrickmacross are Irish laces. Limerick a needle run lace with fancy filling stitches, often used to make wedding veils. Carrickmacross lace frequently used to make collars, has a fine organdie appliquéd onto a machine made net using a variety of attractive filling stitches, frequently used to make collars


On Monday the 28 th of July we will be there again selling our supplies of threads, bobbins and pillows, and all the items that lace makers dream of ….
For details of all Knuston Hall’s Lace and Crafts Courses throughout the year go to

Scilla Stephenson